President's message

March1, 2019


Dale K. Fea

Welcome to the Okotoks Arts Council Website

From the very beginnings we rely on arts to inspire our learning. A lullaby, a rattle, bright colours: Our senses are enhanced and our memories triggered by scents and sounds, taste touch and sights. We may rely on one of our senses over another but if it is enhanced by a flower for the colour or scent, our dinner is colourful and smells divine and the music that plays the story of your life makes you dance. A great book or story makes you smile or cry, reflect on your day or makes your day just happier. A movie can scare you, educate you, empower you, and delight you. These are all art forms. Think of what is around you and the impact that arts have on your life.

Join us to become a cohesive voice for the arts in our region

Dale K. Fea


Okotoks Arts Council