Michael Perks/Little Monkey Metal


Michael Perks and his wife Claire run a thriving business called “Little Monkey Metal,” in Okotoks, Alberta. often you will see his artwork on display at the Millarville Market in the summer.

“Bringing the cold element of steel to life, Michael Perks is a breakout artist that is turning heads.  From sheets of steel Michael cuts, layers, bends & welds metal to the verge of his imagination.  
”Over the past 25 years Michael has worked as a millwright, welder & snowmaker in the ski industry.  He became know for his ability to fix large scale, obscure problems with innovative inventions of his own making.  This ability to think differently, create with his own hands & work with huge objects can be seen in his art.  Michael's statues range from small & delicate to monstrosities that take four men to lift.  Michael is now co-owner of Little Monkey Metal Works, a large-scale plasma art company that specializes in decorative railings, elaborate fire pits, artistic signs & other custom metal works.
Currently Michael shows his new art for the year exclusively at the Calgary Stampede Western Art Show.  So, if you want to see what’s new you have to head down to Stampede!  Otherwise check out his dedicated gallery at his workshop outside Okotoks. “