Featured Artist: Dana Pugh

Dana Pugh Photography is an award winning and internationally acclaimed child and family photographer living in southern Alberta. Dana's work has been featured on billboards in NY's Time Square, on Shaw TV, local magazines and in people's homes across North America.

We are so honoured to feature such a decorated artist, and are incredibly proud that she calls Okotoks home. 

I remember the day my son was born. 

The day that I officially became a mom. It was not an easy labour...in fact, my friends and family would tell you that it was legendary in it's length. But, after all that time, the sun poured into my room to welcome the day would change me for good. Being a mom is a huge part of who I am, not just as a person, but as a photographer. I am drawn to photographs that not only show me what you look like, but help to illustrate the people you are in this moment. When I am welcomed into your home, I photograph your family as I would want to remember it if it were my own.

I am not interested in perfection. 

I think, in fact, that the imperfect moments, the slightly off parts of our life are the things that make us unique and should be celebrated. I see the beauty amongst the chaos and feel like it is my job to show you just how beautiful the connection that your family shares looks to me. For my unique perspective, I have been awarded many titles and speaking engagements (a few are listed below), but my proudest accomplishments are the photographs on my client's walls across North America. 

My children are now getting older--my son, Jack, is 13 years old. My daughter, Georgia (lovingly referred to as G), is 11. Together we love to travel--mostly so we can snorkel and visit museums. My husband, Bob, has gifted them with an extreme love of science. So, there are often discussions about who is cooler--Bill Nye or Neil DeGrasse Tyson. I bring a love of the arts into the mix, so there are also many discussions about films and books(and musicals--I am a not so secretly huge fan of a broadway showtunes). We have recently added our dog Chewbacca Pugh. He is also known as the #worldsmostpatientdog I wanted to name him Thor, but Star Wars love won out. Together, we call ourselves Pughville and we would love it if you would follow along with our antics on instagram.

This year, I would love to work with more nonprofit organizations--so, if you know of one that would be a good fit with me, please connect us. I also built a gorgeous natural light studio where I am enjoying creating modern and fresh imagery. That doesn't mean that I don't want to come visit you in your home. That will always be where my heart is...where I began. Please, email me if you love the images you see and I can tell you about how we could create these sorts of images for your family.

~ Dana

To check out a list of Dana's impressive awards, direct your attention  here.

To check out a list of Dana's impressive awards, direct your attention here.

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