Featured Artist: Linda Macallum


As fearless leader and President of the Okotoks Arts Council for the last five years, it is no secret that Linda Macallum flourishes in a creative environment. Not only has she been a hairstylist extraordinaire for 30 years, her other artistic talents include event planning, music, gardening, interior decorating and cooking.

Linda loves the community of Okotoks and is thrilled to be a part of the arts and culture in the area. Outside of the arts, Linda’s hobbies include spending time with her friends and family, reading, playing games, swimming, sailing, kayaking and skiing.


Featured Artist: Janifer Calvez

Janifer Calvez lives in southern Alberta, surrounded by the natural beauty of the prairie, mountains and wind. Her acrylic and watercolour paintings are inspired by much time spent outside in nature, her travels and the people that surround her.

Throughout the years, she has been guided and instructed by many amazing artists through courses, workshops and shared time in the studio. Her impressions of the world around her are displayed in her paintings full of character and whimsy, as she plays with light and colour.

Janifer believes that people take care of what they know and love.  She hopes to capture the special moments that surround us in our every day experiences, and help people to notice and appreciate the small pleasures and blessings in the normality of life.

Janifer's work has been displayed in many shows over the years, and you can find some pieces in the Okotoks Art Gallery and the shop called "On a Lark" in Okotoks, Alberta.    Further south, you may find pieces in Pincher Creek, Alberta in the Lebel Mansion Gallery or Harvest Coffeehouse, or the Bluerock Gallery in Black Diamond.

Follow Janifer on her Facebook Page, Janifer Calvez Art, or check out her website!




Featured Artist: Robin L. Thibodeau

Boundary Lake Wolf.png

Okotoks, Alberta has been Robin Thibodeau’s home since birth, and she has lived and traveled to many places, but no matter where she is, she continuously lives and breathes art. Robin has designed logos and brochures for businesses and organizations in both Alberta and Saskatchewan, and she has been completing other fine art commissions of pets, people, landscapes and murals since she was only 15.

Professionally schooled at the prestigious Alberta College of Art & Design by the age of 17, she majored in Drawing and graduated with Honours at 21. Robin has integrated every last bit of her education to take her where she is today. By early 2001, she was well on her way to becoming a household name due to her popular art classes both through the Okotoks Community Programs, as well as her monthly article in a local newspaper. To reach out and become a more integral part of her art community she joined the Okotoks Art Council in 2003 to present. By joining other like-minded individuals, she found herself serving on several major cultural projects such as designing the Councils’ current logo, and variations to suit.

Opening her ‘Inspiration Studio’ in the year 2007, has led to many new challenging and versatile opportunities to further her art career. 2008-present, Robin has become a Preschool Teacher’s Assistant in order to integrate her understanding of fine art at a much younger age. And this prompted her to introduce her wildly popular Fine Art Day Camps (initially through Okotoks Community Programs), and as of 2011 she moved them to her home Studio where classes are smaller, and much more intense for the lucky few who find themselves under her whimsical, yet very much focussed instruction on art education and skill-building. One year later with the excitement overrunning from the Day Camps, found her enhancing the Inspiration Studio into what she’s dreamt about for years: The Inspiration Studio Academy of Fine Art (I.S.A.F.A) through what she splits into: The Artist Leagues for ages 7-10, 9-12 and 12+.

Robins’ free time is spent with her dog Daisy, meditation, friends and family all while finding magic and humour in anything and studying everything that fascinates her, applying any and all to her own personal artwork and instruction. Robin adores the teachings and accomplishments of Leonardo da Vinci, among many other Masters of yesteryear and looks forward to each day for new experiences. 

Check out Robin's website here: robinlisathibodeau.com or follow her on Facebook at facebook.com/TheInspirationStudioOkotoks.