Featured Artist: Katie Fournell

As a newcomer to Okotoks, Katie Fournell knew she had to take action to bring more film and theatre presence to the Town. Inspired by the festival scene in Edmonton, the Okotoks Film Festival took shape as a three-day event, offering programming for all ages and will feature film screenings, workshops and galas. The first annual Okotoks Film Festival will take place in 2017, and as Festival Director, Katie plans for the event to grow into a destination for international films.

Katie has her Film & Theatre degree from Red Deer College and a Certificate in Event Planning. She has worked on various projects in prop and set design, production, acting and directing. When Katie isn’t working with the camera, she enjoys yoga, camping, running, cooking, and video and board games.

Find out more about the Okotoks Film Festival at http://www.okotoksfilmfestival.ca.