Featured Artist: Julie Robertson (Thibodeau)

“I hear you,” Kaidan said, feeling she’d heard him. “It just seems that a group that’s been around as long as the Council should see this coming. It’s funny, we finally get out of here and the Final Frontier had already been settled and the residents don’t even seem impressed by the view. Or the dangers.” Taryne smiled. Interesting, she thought absently. “Well, well. You’re a romantic. Did you sign on for the dream Alenko?”
— From "Dragon's teeth: Mass Effect 1" by RavenCall70 on Wattpad

As a resident of Okotoks for more than 30 years, Julie has spent much of her adult life taking photographs in and around the Okotoks area. After graduating Foothills Composite High School with honours, she attended SAIT and Mount Royal College, where she studied art, art history, philosophy and journalism.

Her experience in art and design led her to create business cards for local businesses, starting with her dad's automotive repair shop before moving on to create brochures and cards for her own use, as well as posters and calendars for local businesses. In 2003 she became a regular column contributor for a local paper before attending classes through Okotoks Continuing Education where she earned her Masters licence in Reiki and Munay-Ki Shamanism. In recent years, she has published several photojournalism articles for Okotoks Living Magazine.

In her volunteer hours, Julie has taken hundreds of photographs for the Okotoks Arts Council. Her photography has been in the Town of Okotoks Calendar and used by the Okotoks Family Resource Centre during the town's annual Teddy Bear Picnic. Julie has also been a regular volunteer for the town's annual Girl's Night Out event where she gives free tarot card readings.

Over the past year, she has indulged her passion for her favourite video game by writing several fan fiction books that are based on the Mass Effect video game trilogy. She is currently hard at work writing the third book in her series.

In her free time, Julie enjoys playing role-play based video games, reading and going for coffee. When not playing story-based games or reading fiction, she enjoys binge-watching Netflix episodes of Supernatural, X-Files and horror movies, researching any subject that catches her interest or attending town events like the Okotoks Show 'n Shine Car Rally or the November Light Up event.

You can check out Julie's written work for free by visiting Wattpad and following her under the username @RavenCall70. Or you can visit her blog at ravencallsreflections.wordpress.com, or follow her on Twitter: @RavenCall.