F.A.C.E Foothills Arts Collaboration Evolves

We took our first step last night to the Foothills Arts Collaboration Evolves. Thank you to all the arts people that showed up and to our wonderful speakers;

Kari Watson from Spaces Database Coordinator with Calgary Arts Development to explain how Calgary finds spaces for the creatives in the arts in Calgary.



Michael Koehler from The Venue in High River giving us insight into their plans for the performing arts center in High River, super exciting project that we all can help (attend the concerts) to fulfill their dream! https://www.thevenuehighriver.com


Ryan Schoel from The Costume Shoppe in Calgary, wants to help with theatre, film, events, parties, making your mark with marketing, dance and so much more, they can assist you with rental and sales for all the Foothills area. Ryan can supply you with costumes, makeup, cosplay supplies, masks, inflatable costumes, pet costumes and loads more to be different! https://thecostumeshoppe.com


Katie Fournell with Okotoks Film Festival spoke about building the film industry in this area. This dynamic group brings, film festivals, movies, events, 48 hour challenge, and the Zooom Festival to Okotoks. You must experience atleast one of these events to understand that we do not want to lose this in this area! Help them grow by attending a show. http://www.okotoksfilmfestival.ca


Ryan Lindsay, Executive Director from the new Foothills Tourism Association and the new OAC co-conspirer! Ryan and his group have huge plans to make Foothills stand out to visitors, through a database of businesses, destinations, venues and the arts! Help him out by connecting with him! https://foothillstourism.com


Charlene Delisle from Granary Road. Not only is this a active learning park and market, this is a fantastic venue for music, art shows, workshops, they have a number of spaces for small or large groups! Help them by visiting and talking to Charlene about your special events. https://granaryroad.com


Tanya Ryan our local singer, songwriter, mentor, spoke of her journey in music and how she can help others to move forward in the music industry. http://www.tanyaryan.ca


To our entertainers; Joseph Tubb Elizabeth St. Improv Group that did some hilarious warm up exercises for our audience! https://www.facebook.com/ElizabethStImprov/


Tom Barker from The Eagle Radio Station with his vibrant personality kept our evening on track! https://okotoksonline.com/eagle-1009

To the OAC’s special friend Doug at the Elks Hall another fabulous venue for big and small spaces for the arts!


Finally to the OAC board, President Dale Fea, members and families that helped with the setting up and take down for this evening.

Okotoks Arts Council’s vision is to:

Create a detailed database of the face of the arts in the Foothills.

-How? Collect name, phone numbers, emails, social media tags, websites, art genres, and arts businesses. this will be updated on a regular bases. This Master List will be used to share amongst the arts people and arts businesses in the Foothills for collaboration.

-Why? Connectivity, engaging, growing, exposing, assisting, and inspiring our arts people in the Foothills!

-When? Sign up today! More seminars, workshops, meetings to come, TBA!

-Where? All of the towns in the Foothills!

-arts includes: creators of all kinds! Visual art, music, photography, dance, design, marketing and branding, hairstylists, theatre, film, videographers, jewellers, sculptors, craftspeople, writers, poetry, skaters, stage design and the list goes on!

-continue to facilitate through social media, the website, organizing meaningful meetings, workshops, and seminars to address the communities needs and inspire continued evolution of the arts in the Foothills.

Sign up today with the OAC and get your name on F.A.C.E.